Save money at the book store when you buy used textbooks.

A used textbook is a book that your teacher requires you to have for the course that you are taken. The difference between a new and a used textbook is that a used textbook has been owned by someone before you.
Used textbooks are cheaper than new textbooks, and most students prefer to get them used if they are available. You have to inspect the used book first, or at least try to get as much information as possible about it if you buy it sight unseen.

A used textbook can have its problems. Sometimes the bindings will be broken, which is normal wear and tear, and is all right as long as it’s not so bad that the pages are falling out. Another frequent problem with used textbooks is that they may be written in or have passages highlighted in them. This can prove to be a distraction when you are trying to read or study from the book. Not to mention it makes the book unsightly if it was not done neatly. On the other hand, sometimes students appreciate that there are notes and things highlighted, because it can give the student the most important points to consider and study. Sometimes the books are priced according to the amount of wear and tear on them. If you don’t mind the markings you can sometimes purchase the used textbook dirt-cheap.

Used textbooks can be purchased in a variety of places. A really good place to check would be online. You can go to e-bay or a discount bookseller. Some booksellers online only deal in used books. There are also places online that will look through all the booksellers and find the best price for your used textbooks. Another idea is to buy the book from an individual who has just taken the course you are about to take. That way you can examine the book in person yourself.