College prepatory and therapeutic boarding schools.

Boarding schools have come a long way in the last couple of decades. They are not the rigid doom and gloom boarding schools you may have seen in some old movies. Children who attend these schools seem to be thriving and outdoing many of their counterparts that attend public and private schools.

The results of a survey taken, indicate that boarding school students do more and better quality homework, think more highly of their teachers, are given more leadership opportunities, and do much better on tests, than those that attend the other types of schools.

When looking for a boarding school, be aware there are two basic kinds. The first is a college prepatory school, and the second is a therapeutic boarding school, which is for children with special problems or troubled teens.

Whichever you choose for your child, you can assure them it’s not the kind of place where they will be cut off from you. With the computer access that most of these schools have the students have ample time and opportunity to talk to you and the rest of the family.

In addition to a great education, students also report that there are many fun extracurricular activities for them to join. Staff is supportive in making sure the students have a well-rounded life while in the boarding school.

Students are also more diversified at boarding schools because there are no location restrictions. Money for tuition need not be of big concern either, because there are sometimes scholarships available, and loans to help with the expenses.

One of the best reasons for choosing a boarding school over public and private beside the great education is the child’s down time after school. You know where your child is, and that they have adequate supervision. The staff knows for the most part what your child is doing, and more importantly, they know your child’s friends because they are also students of the school.

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