Helpful ideas you can use for your future science projects.

Before you decide on a science project, you need to figure out what kind of project you want to do. There are three basic choices, you can do an experiment, a demonstration, or a visual story.

An experiment is where you will test a scientific idea that you have, that is an answer to a science question. For instance, you could start by asking , how much water does a tomato plant need?. Then you could take three plants and give them different amounts of water over a period of time. You will need to keep a daily log of the amount and the frequency of watering. Your end result will be showing the three plants and explaining why they each thrived or didn’t thrive.

The second type of science project is a demonstration of a scientific fact. An example of this would be proving that helium is lighter than air. You could fill a balloon with helium and another with regular air and show that the one with helium rises, while the other sits on a table.

The third type of project would be a visual story of something. You could, for example, make the solar system out of styrofoam balls and write an explanation of its origin, and some facts about the planets.

To do a great science project make sure that your next step is to pick a topic that really interests you. Now you’ve got to narrow that down to a single point, let’s say gravity, which you narrowed down from earth science. There are many things you can do with gravity as your topic. Whatever you decide on make sure that it’s safe, that you can easily gather all the materials you’ll need, and that you get your parents and teachers approval. The next step is to learn, relax, and have fun!