Tips for choosing which of the many available music schools you want to attend.

Before you choose a music school there are some things that you need to consider. What kind of music career are you after? Do you want to learn how to play an instrument? Maybe you want to learn about recording music, or maybe you want to be a singer.

Once you have your career goals set, you will have some direction in choosing a school that will meet your needs.

You can elect to go to a regular college, and major in music. Most large colleges have extensive music departments. Your other choice is a music school. The most famous of music schools is Juilliard. Almost everybody had heard of Juilliard, and a graduate or student of Juilliard is almost assured of reaching his or her career goals. Of all the applicants to the school only about eight percent get accepted. Julliard is the kind of school that only accepts students that have already learned their particular instrument or talent. It is a school for pre-professionals to fine-tune their craft. After you send in your applications and an essay of why you want to attend the school, you are required to audition. There is more importance placed on the audition than anything else.

A school like Juilliard can be very expensive, however even Juilliard offers financial aid to those talented students who otherwise would not be able to attend.

Not all schools are as high end as Juilliard. There are many other choices out there as far as music schools go. Juilliard offers good music programs and may not be as expensive or as difficult to get into.

Location of the school is important, as you may have to relocate or travel some distance to attend the school that you want. Wherever it is, make sure that you can be comfortable in the classes. Before attending music schools you may want to practice on your own, find violin sheet music, classical sheet music and many more.

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