Have more fun learning math with math puzzles.

Math puzzles are a fun and challenging way to learn math. Most aspects of math, especially the elementary functions can easily be put into word stories. Everyone remembers math puzzles that begin with “ if a locomotive leaves the station at ten and is traveling at one hundred miles per hour, and a second…” You get the idea. These types of math puzzles make you think, and a lot of people are very successful at solving them. The stories give you pictures you can think about and relate to. However, for others the word type math puzzles can be very intimidating. Those people look at the entire story as one step instead of taking it apart and figuring it out one step at a time.

There are still other types of math puzzles that are fun to solve and educational at the same time. Some of these use actual crossword squares, Instead of hints for word clues, you are given equations, and the answers are filled out in the squares. A variation of this is akin to hidden words. You are again given a list of equations, but instead of filling out the answers in squares, you must find the answers that are hidden among other numbers and circle them.

Many other games and puzzles, without you even knowing it are teaching various math functions and theories. They do this by sequencing, guessing patterns, and even just keeping score.

A still more interesting kind of math puzzle, are the many types of optical illusions that get you to learn and to recognize theorems. There are sites on the Internet that not only will show you the optical illusions, but also give you controls by which you can test the illusions.

Making math fun is the best way to learn it, especially if it is not usually one of your favorite subjects.

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