Polish up your math skills by playing math games.

If you are looking for math games, a good place to start is on the Internet. There are quite a few sites that feature a wide variety of math games. They help to teach the basics of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Many of them also help the pupil to learn logic and strategy, while maintaining the all important, fun factor.

You can also make fun math games at home. Dice are very good for teaching math. Even very young children with close supervision, can learn counting and various math functions with a set of dice.

A lot of children’s board games teach math just by playing the game. The child usually has to either spin or toss dice to count out their moves on the game board. Most games will penalize players for landing on a certain square, and make them move either forward or back. This helps with addition and subtraction.

A homemade bingo game with small treats for prizes can be a lot of fun for kids. Instead of calling out letters you would call out simple math equations and have various answers on the bingo cards that you made. When a child completes a row or column, per your instructions they call out a given word to win.

Buttons have always been a wonderful learning tool, especially if you have a large assortment of various colors and sizes. The child can sort them, count them, and once they have numerous small piles and learn simple division and multiplication. Coins serve just as well for those kinds of math games.

Try a trivia, multiple answer math game, or a hopscotch kind of game. The children can even be given chalk to help draw the squares on the sidewalk. Whatever game you choose, remember, the key is to have fun playing it, and the learning will come with it automatically.