Find out which culinary schools are right for you.

There are so many culinary schools out there to choose from it can get very confusing. Here’s some advice to help you narrow it down.

First determine why you are going to culinary school, are you looking for a career as a chef, or do you want to be a caterer or a restaurant owner? Maybe your goals are much less lofty and you just want to be a better cook at home. Or still maybe you’re already a good cook and you’re just looking for some good company and food. Where ever you’re headed there is a perfect school out there for you.

Other considerations would be how expensive the school is, and if they offer some kind of financial help. Look also at the location. Is the school close to your home, are you willing to relocate?

There are different types of culinary programs that you can attend. Starting with a culinary certificate, which you can earn in less than a year, to an associate culinary degree, which is two years of study. Next would be a four-year bachelors degree.

If you’re going to school to prepare for a cooking job of some kind, realize that the less the course time, the more entry level the job you qualify for will be. If you want to be a top chef in a top restaurant, you will want to get your four-year degree.

Some of the jobs that culinary schools train you for include, executive chef, sous chef, pastry chef, personal chef, master chef, saucier chef, garde manger, commis chef, sommelier, and other special culinary positions.

Be aware also that some of these positions are costly, not only for the school itself, but for other things such as special tests. For instance, you need to pass a test to be a certified master chef. The cost of the test alone is about three thousand dollars.