Some common math terms you should remember.

Math terms can be useful when talking to someone about math. It’s easier to just say the word triangle instead of shape that has three sides.

You don’t have to learn the math terms all at once, but it would be helpful to learn algebraic terms if you know you will be studying algebra.

Here are some common math terms you should know. A constant is a symbol that only has one value at a time. A product is the answer of a multiplication problem. A common factor is a factor between two numbers. The difference is the result of a subtraction problem. The mean number is the average number. The median is the middle number of a set. A mixed number is a number that is written as a whole number and a fraction at the same time. A numerator is the top part of a fraction. A denominator is the bottom part of a fraction. An odd number is a number that is not divisible by two. The range is the difference between the largest and the smallest numbers in a set. Real numbers are the combination of both rational and irrational numbers. The root of an equation is the same thing as the answer to the equation. An addend is a number added to another number. A cardinal number is a number that tells how many of something. A closed figure is a figure that starts and finishes at the same point. A compatible number is an equation that you can easily figure out in your mind. A composite number is a number having more than two factors. A tree diagram shows all possible outcomes from an equation. Rotation is moving a figure all around a single point.

There are many other math terms to learn. Just remember math is easier when you know the language.