Choose the right law school to become a top notch lawyer.

Choosing the right law school can be a difficult decision, but if you’re focused enough to know what’s right for you, you can narrow down the seemingly endless possibilities. Ask yourself these questions; what kind of lawyer do I want to be? How much can I afford? Do I want to move, possibly across the country? Am I aggressive and competitive enough to get to the top of my class in an Ivy League school?

If you want to be a top notch lawyer who works in a similarly top notch law firm, you will need to be at the top of your class in an ivy league school. You’ll need to make plenty of contacts also to help you achieve your goal, you will probably have to move and none of this will be cheap. People that go this route are actually making an investment in their future, and it’s an investment that will return very well.

If your goals are a little less lofty and you’d be happy with a small law firm, you have still many more options available. Even law schools that are not considered high on the list are more than adequate to meet your needs. Before you make your decision, take the time to check out the law schools that you are interested in. Try to find out the rate of their graduates who pass the bar exam. This will give you an idea of how good of a law school it really is. Just remember with all of these schools, you get out of them what you put into them. The schools that are good but not so well known, will be less expensive and may be closer to your home. The drawback is that you won’t be making the same kind of money that the top lawyers will be making.

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