Discover some of the best places to get art degrees.

When you hear the expression Art Degrees you probably think only of drawing and oil painting pictures, but today a degree in art encompasses so much more.

One of the best places to look into an art degree is the Institute of Art. Just about every major city has one; in fact there are 31 in North America alone. At the Art Institutes you can take courses, which will give you an associates degree, a bachelors degree, a masters degree, or even no degree.

If you’re looking to get a degree in arts there are many places to choose from. Check out our list of schools where you can get your degree in fine arts - online in the convenience of your own time!

Art degrees at the Institute can be gotten in several fields, design, culinary, media, fashion, creative, and applied arts. Most of our grandmothers would have called culinary arts cooking classes, but today it really is an art form. There are even professional teams of chefs that compete in making the most creative and beautiful sugar sculptures.

The Art Institutes’ various programs are designed with the help of experts in the various fields, so that the education you get is actually what you will need on the job.

In the field of art itself there are still many choices to make, such as computer animation, special effects animation, graphic design, game art and design, photography, interior design, and recording arts. The choices can seem overwhelming if you don’t already know what you want to do.

As with any other education, you need to pick out a school. This can also seem overwhelming, but you can break it down easily for yourself by first identifying what it is that is most important to you. Here are some things to think about in determining that. First, what can you afford, can you get a scholarship, a student loan? The location of the school is also important, unless you have decided to take an online course, which is becoming increasingly popular. If the school is across the country are you willing to relocate? Lastly but most important is the reputation of the school and its programs.