Advertising schools and courses to teach you what you need to know about advertising.

So you want to be in advertising. The first thing you must decide is what you want to do as advertising has many departments that you can work in. You can be a researcher, a copywriter, an accounts manager, or a media planner.

You might even excel in design work. Whatever you decide to do, there are advertising schools and courses that will help you reach your goals. Some advertising agencies specialize in radio and television, some only work in print media. There are some that take on only certain types of clients and industries. Once you narrow your goals down, you can better choose the kind of school and courses that you will need. Being a creative person who is able to multitask will help you greatly in this field.

Make sure you review the programs when looking into schools. A good advertising school will offer courses in design, composition, color, account management, communication skills, management skills, designing for different kinds of media, and introduction to advertising.

A good school will prepare you for working closely with a small team on a project and interacting with clients. They will prepare you so that you will be able to work in a large city where most advertising agencies are located, as well as preparing you to do freelance work if you so choose. Most advertising agencies will want you to have graduated from an advertising school or at least a B.A. with advertising courses from a regular college.

Lastly, you will also want to check that the school and program you’ve selected is accredited by the Accrediting Council On Education In Journalism and Mass Communications. Find out if the school has any kind of intern programs, so that you can get real life experience while taking classes. See if the program you select will help with job placement after graduation.